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We are an AI company at core, re-inventing intelligence at the intersection of human brain and computing.

Who we are?

We founded Minus Zero in 2021 to solve the most challenging problem of humanity with technology - mobility.

Every day we travel over 10 billion kms on a daily basis, but every movement of ours comes at a cost. Just while you are reading about us here, 1 unfortunate person would have lost his precious life on the road. A city like Bengaluru wastes 250,000 liters of fuel per hour every day while being stuck in traffic. We are in times where we spend 2 hours in traffic to get to the office, only to work on an app that delivers within 10 minutes. Sometimes we really have to take a step back and gauge the absurdity we are witnessing.

These costs when accumulated together lead to $22 Bn in losses every year to an entire nationwide economy. The real cost of such inefficiencies is our restrained collective growth, which is a limiting factor to the upliftment of our lives. That's what autonomous vehicles can do way more effectively than any of us. But can they handle the kind of traffic we all encounter?

It is extremely difficult with the existing methodologies since the real world is neither structured nor does it follow a certain set of rules. This is where Minus Zero brings a new paradigm to solve it for good.

Meet the founders

Gagandeep Reehal

Gagandeep Reehal


Gursimran Kalra

Gursimran Kalra


Our Journey

May 2018

The Idea

Our founder, Gagandeep Reehal, leads his research interests at the intersection of human intelligence and computer algorithms, coming up with Nature-inspired AI.

May 2022

Fundraise - Seed

Minus Zero raised $1.7 mil in seed round from top investors including Chiratae Ventures, Snow Leopard Ventures, JITO Angel Network, and top industry professionals.

June 2023

The Big Reveal - zDay

Minus Zero reveals India's first fully autonomous vehicle - zPod, based purely on camera vision, and released whitepaper on Nature-inspired AI. 

April 2021

The First Demo

Minus Zero becomes the first company to test a fully driverless prototype on public roads in India by turning an e-rickshaw autonomous 

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