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Re-thinking Design. Re-thinking Future


zPod is our concept vehicle that reflects our design principles for the next generation of vehicles to build the most scalable and sustainable interaction between the user and the mobility apparatus.



True Vision Autonomy eliminates the need for a steering wheel allowing vehicles to be bidirectional. It really resolves the hassle of inefficient routing. You don't have to do U-turns or complicated maneuvers, instead, you can just flip and you are ready to go out the other way.

Built for Experience

The real benefit of True Vision Autonomy is letting humans interact the way we have naturally evolved to interact, face to face. The interiors and the user experience which was earlier driver-led design can transition to a experience-led design - for the riders, the environment and the very reasons we move around.

Design freedom

True Vision Autonomy would allow automakers to explore more efficient designs for their next generation vehicles, which was previously restricted by constraints of being made to be driven.

Inside zPod

zPod utilizes True Vision Autonomy, designed for safety and highly optimized for real-time execution with sophisticated OS and middleware for in-vehicle compute. This also includes features for remote diagnostics, self-repair, and teleoperations.​

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